Our Name

Our Name

Why the name OAK Leadership?

When we set out to name our business, we wanted the name to embody the core traits of great leaders (e.g. character, strength, endurance, longevity, significance).  We wanted the name to symbolize the greatness within every person.

An oak tree embodies those traits.  It is one of nature’s greatest achievements that something as small as an acorn can become a massive oak tree. 

Like an individual’s personal growth journey, it is not an overnight event.  It takes years of nurture in a proper environment to reach its potential. 

All of us have seasons when we feel small and insignificant.  During these seasons, we often believe the lie that we cannot become anything impressive or influential; and we allow limiting beliefs to stunt our growth into the person of significance God intended for us.

Our encouragement to you is that within every acorn, is an oak tree. 

We help you cultivate an environment that

  • inspires you to grow towards your potential,
  • empowers you to overcome limiting beliefs,
  • challenges you to step outside your comfort zone towards greater personal and professional success, and
  • moves you from a life of success to a life of significance.

As an oak tree grows and matures in its proper environment, it still faces seasons of testing; seasons of drought, damaging winds, and harsh winters.  As it weathers those times, it becomes bigger, stronger, and more fruitful as it produces its own acorns. 

And the same is true for you. 

As an acorn is designed to become a mighty oak tree, we commit ourselves to inspiring, challenging and motivating you to become the person you are destined to be. 

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