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Through my one-on-one coaching sessions with Troy, I have been able to be more intentional about my personal and professional growth.

Troy patiently takes the time to listen in a non-judgmental way. Through his extensive knowledge, he is able to break down the areas I want to grow in and helps me to develop action plans to grow in those areas.

I am better organized, more focused,  and more intentional in all my daily activities.

I am extremely pleased with the progress I have made with Troy as my coach.  I highly recommend him.

- Rich Hudson / Chief Financial Officer

Are You An Effective Leader?

Leadership is influence, nothing more nothing less. To grow in leadership, one must grow in influence and this tool is designed to garner feedback from you and others around you to identify areas and opportunities for your leadership growth.

Is There an Author Inside You?

Learn the insider secrets about book writing and publishing from John Maxwell, one of Amazon.com’s “Top 25” authors who has written 70+ books and sold more than 20 million copies!

Learn John’s system for writing, how to choose a title for your book, create an outline, receive powerful endorsements, and much more!

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