Our Values

Our Values


Every person has a reputation and every person has character.  Reputation is who people think we are.  Character is who we really are.  At OAK Leadership, we strive for continuous character growth that produces a strong reputation.  We create an environment that breeds authenticity, integrity, transparency and trust; all of which are conditions of the heart.  As we think in our hearts, so our behavior becomes. As a result, we treat all people with respect, take responsibility for our actions and always place others interests above our own. 


The mighty oak tree is a symbol of strength.  It signifies behavior showing high moral standards. Strength displays courage and fortitude in the face of moral and social pressure.  OAK Leadership embraces this virtue of strength.  As our character grows, so does our strength to stand for truth, justice and doing the right things.


Because of its ability to withstand nature’s storms and become stronger as a result, the oak tree also symbolizes endurance.  When life throws tests and challenges in our way, we can choose to use them as opportunities for character development and growth.  OAK Leadership encourages risk-taking and welcomes hardships as a means for personal maturity and development, so we can more completely live out our life’s purpose.


OAK Leadership asks the question, “How can I add value to others?”  We stress the importance of using our time, talents and treasures to positively impact the lives of other people.  As an oak tree matures, it produces more and more acorns.  As we mature to having an others-first mindset, we inspire, motivate and influence others to do the same.   We embrace what baseball great Jackie Robinson observed, “A life isn’t significant except for its impact on other lives.”

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